ORAL HEALTH - The Full Workout Health Educational Film is an achievable efficient solution for teaching professionals, to address educating pupils before they leave the school learning environment on how to safeguard themselves and minimise the painful, unpleasant, scary and costly experience of dental and oral common diseases and the repercussions.
The Resource is a 28 minute FREE to stream film in 'topic' sections on The Lady Dentist Agency You Tube channel, containing concrete science factual content about all the different commonly occurring diseases like Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, Oral Cancer, Tooth Erosion and much more, how and why they occur, and how to prevent them happening.
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The Resource also comes with a Teacher Resource Pack, which includes Lesson Plans, Teacher Notes and a robust 'Question-and-Answer' Section with answers for teacher and without answers for pupils. It really is easy to show Progress and Assessments on provision. The Resource is a time-efficient solution for teachers to cover this aspect of health science or PSHE education and provides complete flexibility and independence for the School in this subject area.

How to request the FREE Teacher Resource Pack?

Please use our contact form to request the Teacher Resource Pack.

Comment Of The Week

Tooth decay still on the rise among English children!
By Dominic Howell
BBC News
26 February 2016
BBC News Health Report 2016

ORAL HEALTH The Full Workout

ORAL HEALTH - The Full Workout FREE Teaching Resource Film is suitable for KS3 onwards and is available to stream at the You Tube Lady Dentist Agency Channel


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