The Lady Dentist Agency is run by Alison Lestner. She is a British dentist who qualified in dentistry in 1984 from Edinburgh Dental School in Scotland, UK.
During the 1990's she set up and developed 3 Practices in West Yorkshire, North England. While building up the practices, she became interested in health promoting and developing ways of delivering all round 'in depth' oral health education in the classroom to increase awareness and insight and to incentivise young people to think about their diet and personal hygiene and how they could improve. It also aims to give them knowledge that they can pass onto their children to raise standards in future generations.

If you are a Teaching Professional, an Oral Health Promoter, Healthy School Coordinator or PSHE coordinator, Adviser or Consultant & would like to contact the Agency about improving Oral Health Education provision in the schools in your area just click the 'click here' link below

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