You are an Educator who has seen ORAL HEALTH - The Full Workout resource film but like the live presentation approach?

Presentations in schools in conjunction with the resource film are available. As well as the FREE downloadable Question and Answer Workout, Alison talks about the topics featured in the film and answers questions on dental issues. It's a chance to talk about dental and oral health problems and experiences, as well as providing an opportunity to share opinions and knowledge about the best interventions!

Oral Health Learning Sessions

You can CONTACT US HERE if you are an Education professional.

If you yourself attend a school or college, and think 'TheLadyDentist' should be coming to your school to 'talk teeth', inform your PSHE or Resilience teacher or the school PSHE coordinator. Alternatively, YOU CAN FILL IN THE CONTACT FORM BY CLICKING THE CONTACT TAB to make contact with us at the Agency.


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