Some Interesting Statistics!

  • In a study of 5 year olds in the school year 2001/2002 in Northern England 44% had 3-4 decayed teeth (i.e. nearly half the sample!). In the London area only 35% in the same school year had only 3 decayed teeth (i.e. less children with decay and fewer decayed teeth!)
  • Brushing with a Fluoride toothpaste (1000-1500ppm) reduces tooth decay by 24% however in a study in the North of England less than 1% of 14 years knew what Fluoride was or were aware of the beneficial effect it has on tooth enamel!
  • In a study in Leeds, North England, only 1% of a sample of 500 children had any idea what PLAQUE is (i.e. 5 children of 500!)
  • When asked, only 3% of a sample of 1000 12-14 year olds had ever tried dental floss!!
  • In a study of 1000 school children in the Leeds area of West Yorkshire, England, 15% admitted that they didn't have a dentist or visit the dentist regularly.
  • Out of a sample of 2000 children, only 1 child knew that the MOST important time to brush is bedtime!!

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