The Lady Dentist 'Roadshow' is a Dental Education interactive learning session, to motivate and inspire people to think about ways they could improve their own diet and oral hygiene, to achieve optimum dental fitness and oral health and become resilient adults. The use of memorable real life images of 'healthy vs unhealthy' keep things engaging as the 'Show-style' presentation goes through the learning process.

When did it start?

Initially as a pilot, the Roadshow began in 2005 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, culminating in the development of an accessible resource for learning about oral health, oral diseases and prevention in an achievable efficient way. The 'roadshow' is a 50 minute presentation about the science of oral health followed by discussion time, where issues about dentists and teeth can be raised, family experiences and funny stories can be shared, and frequently asked questions can also be answered!

The Best Dental and Oral Hygiene Measures for Optimum Oral Health

Even though dental technology continues to improve, prevention where possible, is always better than cure! The way to achieve this is through knowledge and awareness. ORAL HEALTH - The Full Workout FREE Resource film covers in-depth, all the important aspects of dental and oral diseases and oral care, discussing the best regimes to achieve a healthy mouth and be in control, even if the familial genetic makeup is towards dental caries, gum disease, or other conditions affecting the mouth. It also gives clear advice about the importance of REGULAR check-ups at the dentist and not to be afraid to ask questions!

Once you have watched the resource you will know what can happen, how and why it happens and how you can prevent it!

Staying Safe; Risk Management; Maximise your potential; Be Resilient! The right questions; The right choices; Making yourself change for the better for you and your family!


The Lady Dentist at a School. Taken from The Lady Dentist 'Roadshow' (2006). Building the evidence base. Oral Health Education as part of Science, PSHE and Resilience in the school teaching framework


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